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Congratulations.  By looking for a specialist who can help you with your headaches, you have taken the first step to restoring your quality of life.  Many people simply accept the fact that they have headaches and do not believe that anyone or anything can help.  This just isn’t true.  

Together you and Dr. Litchman will work to identify the triggers that cause your headaches and develop a strategy to eliminate them.  Depending on your individual situation you may work together to modify your diet, introduce vitamins and relaxation techniques into your routine, explore different medications to treat your headaches acutely and to prevent them from recurring, and, if appropriate, pursue treatment with Botox therapy.

Dr. Charisse Litchman has devoted much of the last twenty five years to helping patients suffering from a wide range of neurologic disorders take an active role in helping themselves. While over the last ten years, Dr. Litchman has taken particular interest in treating headache patients, she continues to treat general neurology patients suffering from disorders such as Multiple Sclerosis, Epilepsy, Stroke, Parkinson’s Disease, Dementia and Peripheral Neuropathy.  She believes the answer lies in a partnership between the physician and the patient to create a new lifestyle that does not include hours and days lost to pain or suffering.

Don’t waste another day in pain.  Dr. Litchman and her staff are ready to help.

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